Thursday, July 05, 2007

I wasn't scared, no, really...

My mother told me that because yesterday was the 4th of July, people burned fireworks that made a lot of noise and sometimes had pretty lights. I did not get it, why would anyone make so much scary noise for nothing? I thought we were under attack, so I barked until I almost lost my voice. Then mom was really concerned for me so she took me outside so that I could see what was going on.

We sat on the drive-way but I was still very scared and between defending my mom and running away, I chose to defend my mom. So I continued to bark... Finally, mom just grabbed me and held me really tight. I was still very scared, but I had to play tough, so I tried to escape mom but she continued to hold on to me. I think she could feel all the little jumps in my heart every time those pseudo-bombs exploded. I really had to put my best front up and after a while I had to quit jumping at every little explosion. That was so tough, you cannot even imagine.

Then, after some endless minutes, mom finally decided that we could go back inside and so we did. The explosions were still on going and I had to bark, I just had to! You know, just in case my mom was wrong and we were really under attack. You know how humans are, they don't hear very well, can't smell very well, and their eyesight is not very good either. They're cute, but they need to be protected and I am not one to shun my responsibilities... I am one tough pug, dude!!!