Sunday, September 07, 2008

Warning: Dangerous Dog Toy

Dear Friends,
One of our friends at the Northwest Arkansas Pug Shelter has forwarded a most horrific story about a beautiful dog, Chai, who was injured while playing with a Pimple Ball produced by Four Paws. Apparently, this has not been the first time that such a thing has happened and the company has not been diligent about preventing more of these freak accidents, since they knew about it in 2005 (according to someone who wrote to Chai's dad) and only now have they issued a recall.

Go through your doggy toy chests and make sure that (1) if you have a pimple ball, remove it and put it in the plastic recycling bin or in the trash, and (2) if you have other Four Paws toys, make sure you inspect them to see how safe they are (think of what would happen if your pup yanked a pice of the toy, or if the toy broke, etc.) or keep an eye on your pup when (s)he is playing with these toys.

Of course, my mom, who is the most paranoid person I know when it comes to our safety, would actually toss any Four Paws toys, if we had any. Luckily, she has trained us to love stuffed animals, and the most that has happened to me is that I poop an eye the following day. I know, gross...

Here's a disturbing picture of poor Chai and his Pimple Ball:

On the same blog entry, you can also see a video of poor Chai.

I hope all my pug brothers and sisters and all my other canine cousins are safe from this and other menaces.

Be well,
Alfred, your loving pug