Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My Mom

Hiya, here's a picture of my mom and me. For the most part she is a good mom. I don't know why she picks on me when I try to tear the catalogs and magazines that she keeps around everywhere. I mean if she does not want me to chew on them then why doesn't she put them away? Humans are just too complicated... Then there's the issue with the furniture. I feel that I am part of the family and since I have no hands I should be able to touch the leather and kitchen chairs with my teeth. It is only fair that I get to wear them out like the rest of the family. Plus I assume that the reason why I am given chewing toys is so that I can keep my teeth busy and have a chance to practice my chewing.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Someone needs an education

This week my Pug Mom, for some unknown reason, decided that she was going to walk me twice a day. I say it's about time she started doing it. I had been dropping hints back and forth (see me trying to educate her on the left) and it sure took her a while to get the picture. Poor gal, she's still new at this and needs more training...

Eau de Pig by Alfred the Pug

What a glorious night it was yesterday. On my evening potty-break I managed to locate a stinky spot on the easement behind our house. It was so wonderfully smelly that despite the bitter cold I lingered as long as I could to revel in the stink. I got it all over me and quickly I was having grandiose dreams. I considered marketing the scent as Eau de Pig, a luxurious fragrance for Pugs. Unfortunately my Pug Mom soon discovered my plot and after many attempts to escape from her arms, she finally grabbed me and took me inside. To my dismay I was put in a bathtub full of warm water and rubbed thorougly with shampoo and some dog soap she found on one of her trips--even the inside of my mouth was scrubbed. All my marketing dreams shattered just like that... My only comfort is the many droppings that I have scattered around the yard. When they are dry, they are sooooo tasty and fragrant too!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Yesterday I started learning a new trick called Shake. Apparently I am supposed to jump while my Pug Mom says "Shake" and then she holds my right paw and then says "Good Boy" and hands me a trick. I still don't get which part of this choreography is the shake part but I figure it's worth the treat.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Nice Greenery

Yes indeed, it reminds of grass, particularly freshly mowed lawns. Ahhhh, there's nothing like a big pee on those, but I digress. Well, welcome to my humble blog, the blog of Alfred the Pug (that's me). I decided to start this blog after some traumatizing events that took place yesterday, Monday. Yes, a Monday. I shall remember it as Black Monday, the Monday when I lost my doghood. I am so upset that I must take a break to recover.