Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My Mom

Hiya, here's a picture of my mom and me. For the most part she is a good mom. I don't know why she picks on me when I try to tear the catalogs and magazines that she keeps around everywhere. I mean if she does not want me to chew on them then why doesn't she put them away? Humans are just too complicated... Then there's the issue with the furniture. I feel that I am part of the family and since I have no hands I should be able to touch the leather and kitchen chairs with my teeth. It is only fair that I get to wear them out like the rest of the family. Plus I assume that the reason why I am given chewing toys is so that I can keep my teeth busy and have a chance to practice my chewing.

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Emory said...

Don't worry Alfred, moms are all alike, alot of noise then they want you to forgive them. Hang in there Pug ol Boy.

Oscar the Terrier.