Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Bareable Lightness of Being a Dog

Today was not a good day. After Mom come home, she got very indisposed and so it took her a while to get me from my crate. However she did feed me right away, so kudos for her. Of course, after I eat I always have to go potty, so Mom took me out. Boy was it cold!!! Even the water in my outside cup was frozen. I, too, just froze in my tracks thinking how lucky it was that I no longer had my balls or those would have been frozen also. I tried to go back inside but Mom insisted that I go pee-pee, and so I indulged her as quickly as I could. But no way was I going to poo-poo on this trip. However a few hours after we went back in, I did ask Mom to take me back outside so that I could go finish my job. I stood in front of the door and I barked twice to let her know of my intentions. Mom was so proud of me. You know, it's good for me to behave this good close to Christmas. You never know what Santa might have in his bag...

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