Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wow, can you believe it's already 2012? Where did 2011 go? If I were a hunting dog, I'd try to find it. Well, in 2011, we moved to a different state. We are now in Memphis, home of Elvis and of BBQ. By the way, I still have not been able to convince my parents to let me try some BBQ or even chew on a few BBQ bones. Apparently, we are not allowed to chew on cooked bones--what a stupid rule, if you ask me.

We started 2012 with my brother Chopper suffering from diarrhea. I know, very, but very gross... You probably remember that my little brother Chopper has an enlarged esophagus and has to be on a special diet, which consists of FreshPet food. It was very confusing to try to figure out what to do for a poopy Choppy, but we finally settled on some boiled rice mixed with some of his FreshPet food. He's been doing pretty good, so I think that fixed him.

I've been pretty good myself, although I did have a wicked seizure about a week ago. It was a two stage seizure. My mom came home for lunch to feed us and I was sound asleep. I guess I must have been startled because by the time she came in, my muscles had gotten very tight and I collapsed on the floor (I have local epilepsy). Mom, of course, held me while it was going on and, after a few long minutes, I was as good as new, or so I thought.

When I went outside to do my business, the second part of my seizure hit and I collapsed again, this time under a bush in the backyard. Luckily, it did not take long for mom to come check on me and Choppy and she found me and carried me inside. That was a bit tough, because I'm a 23 lb pug and my mom is one small lady, but she managed. So then she held me again and this time, the seizure did go away permanently.

I don't like having seizures but if I go many months without having one, then when I have one it's really big. If I have them more frequently, then they're smaller. Either way, I get screwed. But not as screwed as my sister Stella, she has general epilepsy and she even has to take medicine for it.

Well, enough of sad pug stories. I just wanted to wish everyone a great 2012.

Your pal--Alf :-)

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