Friday, March 16, 2007

"Too Independent..."

When my mom got home today she broke the horrible news to me: my dad does not love me, he thinks I'm too independent and I don't listen to my humans, that is, them! How can that be? Me too independent?!? I depend on them to feed me, open the door for me, take me on walks, give me baths, take me to the spa, give me treats, etc. I think my dad is full of it. For example, today after I had my lunch, I walked over to my bowl and looked at it with my sad eyes, trying to tell my dad that I could still eat some more of those yummy pellets. But to no avail, he would not listen... I even licked to empty bowl trying to make him understand. And I'm the independent one!?! Who sits on my chair all day playing video-games and watching TV and not paying attention to me? Not to mention that that person feeds and washes himself. Yep, that's right, it ain't me! So there, maybe my dad is too independent...

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