Monday, February 04, 2008

Baxter and Me

Yesterday, I had a canine visitor. It was Baxter, a Boston Terrier that has become my newest buddy. Shhhh, don't tell Tink and Macy. Baxter and I had a blast. We chased each other around and I showed him our big backyard and our house. I showed him the bedroom where I sleep with my parents. My Mom was not around, so Baxter did not get to meet her but I told him how nice she is. At night she is just a big pillow that I can lean against and sleep. I told Baxter that there was enough room for him on the bed if he ever decides to move in with me.

I like having friends to play with. I wish my parents would adopt a little sister or brother for me, but no, they're just too self-centered and keep thinking about menial things like jobs and money. It's just not fair. After all the work I have put into making their lives comfortable and joyous, I just cannot fathom how they can be so selfish...

P.S. Sometime after Dad took this picture, Baxter and my Froggy hooked up. I was a little suspicious of Baxter when he just grabbed Froggy and took off. Luckily my Dad rescued Froggy and put him in his cage. "It's for your own good Froggy!"
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CLSML - in English said...

I Alfred!
I´m a teacher from Portugal and i have a message from my students: They all agree that you are the most handsome pug they know!

Au, Au! from Portugal!

Anonymous said...


nice pose of pug.

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