Monday, February 25, 2008

Horrible Things

You know that my parents are really nice people--although, I have to say, a lot of it is because of the good values that I have instilled in them. They have been trying to find me a little brother or sister, preferably a doggy that needs rescue. So they have been spending many, many hours browsing rescue shelters and now they are very depressed.

There are so many puppies and doggies that need a home that it is really sad. The other really bad thing is to read all the horrible things that humans sometimes do to my fellow canines. There are doggies that are left at home for a couple of weeks without food or water, others are always kept outside whether it is below freezing or steaming hot, and that's not all. The horror stories go on and on and when you think it can't get any worse than that, bam... Another story even worse than the previous one.

Here's some of the shelters' websites may parents have visited (by the way, if you are an emotional person, don't visit these sites because they will make you very sad):

Pugs in NW Arkansas:

Pugs in Oklahoma City, OK:

If you can help any of my little brothers or sisters, I'll be forever grateful! And don't forget, if you live in NW Arkansas, March 8 is Pug Play Day. You can take your doggy to meet all the great pugs in the neighborhood and you'll be helping to raise funds to help those that are not yet fortunate. And who knows, maybe you'll meet the pug of your life...

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