Sunday, March 09, 2008

Make Do

We got my little sister Stella on Friday evening. She's a tiny little thing, very cute. She sleeps a lot and I think she's still very shy, so she is not playing very much with me. But that's OK because I am a very patient pug; besides, yesterday I went to Pug Play Day and I had the best of times. But I digress...

My sister Stella loves my basket and now I am basketless. Luckily, my Mom still had an old bed that my parents bought me when I was a puppy (and that I never used) and she put the bed next to the window so that I could tan. Of course, I just grabbed Froggy and off we went to the tanning salon.

The bed is tiny (or maybe I'm too big, but I like to think of myself as a healthy Super-Pug...) but it works fine. Mom said she'll try to find me another basket but apparently, PetSmart is out of wicker baskets so we'll have to check Petco.

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