Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My itty bitty sister

I like my sister Stella. She is older than me, so technically she is my big sister but she is itty bitty so she is a little sister. I hope that as soon as she gets used to our house, she'll become more playful. She is really quiet (except for the light snoring and breathing) and she never barks. But that's OK, I can do the barking for the two of us.

Last night I woke up and Stella was missing so I scratched on the bedroom door. Dad opened the door and I went looking for my sister but could not find her. It turns out Dad was holding her in his arms. As soon as I saw she was well, I just went back to the bedroom and went to sleep. She's so tiny, I worry about her all the time.


Voneta said...

Alfred, you are the best! I've been so worried about your new little sister, Stella, and now I'm so very happy that she has you and your mom and dad to look out for her. You seem to have created the perfect environment in which to welcome and celebrate a new little pug sister. Enjoy! Your new fan, Voneta (Hot Springs)

Alfred the Pug said...

Thanks Voneta. You are awfully sweet! Did you know that my sister also has a blog? Her blog is http://stellathepug.blogspot.com. Enjoy!