Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bubbleless bath

Mom thought that I was a little bit stinky (Dad told her Nooo, how can the cutest pug in the world be stinky?!?) and she finally decided to give me a bath. I kind of like baths. I mean I'm not crazy about them but they're OK.

First mom filled the tub with warm water, then she grabbed me and put me in there. She got me all wet and washed my wrinkles with a washcloth before she used any soap. Then she started scrubbing me really well with soap and then shampoo. She tickled my back, but don't tell her that!

Mom likes to use this soap that she got at the Bath Junkie when they were still on the Fayetteville Square. (Then they closed and moved to the NWAR mall and then they closed again! Good grief...) And the shampoo she got me does not make my eyes cry in case it ever gets in them, but mom is always very careful.

While mom was washing me, dad warmed up my towel in the dryer. After my bath ended mom called dad to bring the towel but he did not hear, so I took the opportunity to jump out of the bathtub and off I went running like a mad pug around the couch. It was fun! Then dad grabbed me and dried me off a little bit and then handed me to mom to finish the job.

I like the toasty warm towel. It's better than when I go to the spa and they put me all wet in a stainless steel crate with a cold air fan blowing my way to dry me off.Posted by Picasa

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