Thursday, December 20, 2007

It happened again

Last night I had another seisure. This is my third one and my parents are concerned. They wonder if I have any other seisures while they are at work. I don't know because I can't remember. My last seisure happened around midnight. Dad had just gotten home from work and I went over to greet him. I had to work a little bit to get the bedroom door open because mom had closed it. When I got out and I went over to see dad, it happened. Dad said that it lasted a couple of minutes. He stayed with me to comfort me and watch over me. Then he took me to the bedroom and he woke up mom and told her. I layed on the bed and hugged Froggy.

We are now wondering if I am always going to have these seisures. So far they have happened about once a month and always at night. Maybe I get really excited when I dream and that triggers them. I don't want my parents to be worried but I am glad that they are there for me. They're the best pug parents ever!
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